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The sprints will feature Bolt, the triple world record-holder, racing toward history against Brooklyn-born Justin Gatlin, a former gold medalist banned for drugs and now looking to reclaim his crown.

Bolt and Gatlin have been the face of sprinting for a dozen years, and they’ll be the face of the Olympics for the next few days. After winning the 100-meter gold at the 2004 Olympics, Gatlin eventually got hit with a four-year doping ban.

The iconic Jamaican had to settle for bronze despite matching his season's best of 9.95 seconds as his long-time American rival Gatlin denied him a final slice of individual glory by three hundredths of a second. "I was a little bit stressed, but I [said I was going to] come out here and take it like every other championship.The colorful Gatlin — born in Sheepshead Bay — came into last year’s World Championships unbeaten, and saw Bolt run a 9.79 to edge him by one-hundredth of a second in Beijing. Gatlin is 34, practically geriatric in the sprint game.The average 100-meter champ has been just 23, dating back to the start of the modern Olympics in 1896, and none ever has been as old as Gatlin.Win or lose, he's the man and the first thing I did when I crossed the line and saw that I won, I paid homage to him, because he deserves it. I guess I've become more of a rival for Usain, I guess that's where the booing's come from." Coleman, at 21 the youngest man on the podium by nine years, was pleased to be sat alongside the pair. Like daily beatings, training for the 50km race walk is an exercise in persistent suffering.Usain is a Goliath." Supremely gracious in victory he may have been, leaving Bolt to lap up the acclaim from his adoring public but there was no hiding from the hostile reception which greeted Gatlin whenever he took to the track. And while the body, in time, can grow accustomed to such abuse, it's usually the...Even me being older than him, he's such an inspiration for me.