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Who is o j simpson dating

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Al Cowlings, lifelong friend and teammate of Simpson, has been immortalized by his role in the arrest of O. Simpson, driving the infamous white Ford Bronco as Simpson held a gun to his own head during the low-speed police chase through Los Angeles. ”The chase ended at Simpson’s Rockingham estate, where he then surrendered to police.While speaking to the police in an attempt to get them to back off, Cowlings famously exclaimed, “My name is A. For Cowlings’ part, he never spoke to the press about the events of that evening or anything else related to the charges Simpson faced.

Married for 11 years, the pair had three children together, including daughter Arnelle, son Jason and daughter Aaren, who drowned in the family pool just before her second birthday five months after the couple divorced.

The 133 days of televised courtroom testimony turned countless viewers into Simpson trial junkies.

Even foreign leaders such as Margaret Thatcher and Boris Yeltsin eagerly gossiped about the trial.

Simpson: American Crime Story,” it’s impossible not to wonder what happened to the people left behind after Simpson’s life imploded and Nicole Brown Simpson’s life was taken.

Simpson has been imprisoned since 2008 and has a parole hearing Thursday, July 20, that could free the former NFL running back as soon as October.