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When the ministry of the Word goes wrong, many are caused to stumble.

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Latinos and other men from traditionally “sexist cultures” don't have a monopoly on machismo, so why is it that they're so often scapegoated for backwards attitudes when it comes to gender?

How can entire continents and counties be compromised of completely chauvinistic men?

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Here was a guy protecting my honor, placing himself into bodily harm on my behalf.These movies, Falicov says, glorified certain macho qualities, such as gun slinging and objectifying women.According to Falicov, although these movies showed both the negative and positive qualities of machismo, the negative traits were the ones that were glorified and have really endured.It was what I had dreamt of all those years when I read of dueling pistols and men of great action and few words. ”Suddenly, I wished my women’s studies professor from Sarah Lawrence were there.After the punching finally stopped, Anton walked up to me shirtless and sweaty, caked with blood and dirt, his arms outstretched in an unmistakable gesture of victory. Pistols at dawn seemed a ludicrous symbol of male egotism, and I longed for men in tailored suits, who solved arguments with Woody Allen jokes and New Yorker references.Yet another mistake of mine, as I somehow ended up with a dominant prick I hated yet felt strangely attracted to. He has already started so if we stopped now, what would I say this was? I realize that it’s stupid to consider the importance of what this would be titled at the moment I was literally tricked into sleeping with him, but my mind couldn’t stop spinning.