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Dating a gamer

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Make sure your gamer friend is around, they'll literally know every item you'll need for survival.They can also carry up to ten weapons in their backpack. We may age, we may wrinkle and we may eventually lose all control over the functionality of our knees, but we will always be kids at heart.Many gamers firmly plan to continue playing Crash Bandicoot well into their 80s.Even if it's only limited to working any kind of TV or monitor on the planet, gamers have come across many cables, connection ports, controllers and consoles or PC deaths that would boggle the mind of the average joe. All-nighters are not only common as game-lovers, they're necessary.Why have we become so fluent in a game we don't even play?Things you'll only understand if you're dating a gamer: In fact, it probably means at least three more.There is no such thing as getting bored of playing games because a few months later there will be a new game out and trust us... I dated a lot of men who considered themselves “gamers”. Now obviously this is all based on my personal experience and my friends. However, if you feel you’re the exception to any of this, just feel content in that.

So if you were planning on watching a movie, think again.

Once you enter the room, bring on your patience and multitasking, but keep your ability to learn close-by.

Pick a seat in the room where you can easily observe the screen and your Gamer, but not where you could possibly destroy the new High Score if you need to remove yourself from the room. The basic strategies your Gamer uses to receive High Scores Place this knowledge somewhere close-by for future steps (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)Note: The portable hand held hobby is there for you.

Every night is like a pajama sleep over that ends in sex. That’s before spending every night in playing League of Legends or Assassin’s Creed gets really, boring. My focus was being good enough for them with no question as to whether they were good enough for me.

I didn’t feel like my personality and looks alone was enough to generate any real interest ).