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The doll has special features designed to heighten sex - like soft lips, a hinged jaw and ultra soft tongue”.

Harmony also talks in a Scottish accent, and can be programmed with 18 different personality traits, including “sexual”.

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As I noted last year, the Chatbots4u platform seems to be aimed at a younger, international crowd.

At the time, the most popular chatbots were clones of teen idols like Justin Bieber. Neither of those chatter bot instantiations were sexpots, in terms of their conversational databases. Cortana is based on the Halo video game character, who clearly.

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The stunningly real sex bots, are a part of a growing £20billion industry aimed at pushing the boundaries to create dolls who are just like real women. They come with a hefty price tag of £11,00 (,000) each.

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